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Lovolution Podcast is hosted by futurist, artist, and ecofeminist Doctress Neutopia. She will take you to the end game of patriarchal industrial culture, and then she will ask you to join her in building a new world of arcologies (ecological cities).












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From Mountain Yoga to Record Breaking Heat

Friend, Jeff Holsen, guided me up Mt. Wrightson for an all day hike. The poem is a result of coming off the mountain and back into the heat island of Tucson, Arizona.

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Atomic Bonds

Doctress Neutopia's love poem about loving now as a way to stop a nuclear disaster.

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Quantum Leap Year

Doctress Neutopia reads her end-of-the year love poem about the our environmental crisis. Do we have the courage to love one another? 

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The Cult of History

A poem by Doctress Neutopia about a need to break free from the myths that create illusion. 

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Occupy Access Tucson

At the beginning of the Access Tucson Board meeting, May 28, 2015, the chair had a call to the audience. The public could speak for 3 minutes to the Board. No discussion, comments, or questions were allowed. Even though the mission of Access Tucson is to be run by a grassroots democracy, such democracy—which allows for open speech-- is not allowed during the meetings.  I feel that this lack of direct democracy is one of the reasons why there is little community spirit at Access Tucson, and it is one of the reasons why the public seems to not care about the fate of the station. I wrote an essay about the problem I had with the City’s Request for Proposal that outlines its new mission for the government’s station, which doesn’t included it to be a forum for free speech. I requested to the Chair that she send my essay to the general Access Tucson membership. She failed to do so. Why would she choose to not send my essay to the membership? My solution is to empower ourselves by direction action, broadcasting Lovolutionary ideas over the airwaves.

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Phyllis Rodin's World Peace Philosophy

Doctress Neutopia interviewed Dame Phyllis Rodin in Tucson Arizona, November 2009. She talks about her philosophy of peace as a decades long activist.

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Be an Animal: Boycott Cruelty

Doctress Neutopia reads a poem about how our planetary salvation lies in making peace with animals. The only solution to the problem of thousands of years of animal cruelty is for humans to be vegan. 

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American Empire Falls

Another love poem to my epic love hero. 

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Climate Change Yoga

Inspired by the People's Climate Change March in September 2014, Doctress Neutopia has written and recorded an epic poem about the fate of Gaia, the planet Earth. Not only does she list the cascading problems that our species must address, her poem gives a solution, build a network of arcologies: ecological cities to protect and advance the human species and other living things on Earth. 

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How Safe is the "Safe Park" in Tucson for Women?

Doctress Neutopia was a witness to domestic violence at what has been called the "safe park" in Tucson, AZ. It's a place where homeless gather and support each other.  Homeless advocates are hoping that the "Safe Park" will led the government to build a 24/7 community center to help those in need. What Neutopia experienced was far from safe. From her experience, she redefines feminism in terms of stopping violence, not enabling violence, and being the protecters of sisters. 

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Holy Dysfunctional Family

Doctress Netuopia reads two poems about the Christian holy family. Beware she is a heretic! 

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Artitics: the union of art and politics

Doctress Neutopia reads her feminist, Artitics, a union of art and politics that she wrote in 1984. Politics can't work without artiists leading the way to a just and beautiful society. With art, all things are possible. Without art, there is only tyranny.

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How to End Facebook Censorship

On November 27, 2013, Doctress Neutopia was censored by the Facebook administration for breaking the community standards policy. In this podcast, she explains what she did and why she doesn't think she broke the standards. From her experience with Facebook, she has come to the conclusion that Facebook has become a global dictatorship. Freedom of speech issues are not being addressed and the censorship of artistic voices is occurring. 

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The Feminist Hero: Thinking Like a Woman

Doctress Neutopia talks about Bradley Manning (now Chelsea) and his identity as a woman. Neutopia feels like in order to be a peace hero thinking like a woman is necessary. 

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The death wish and Eros

Doctress Neutopia talks about the death of the bees, Eros , and the death wish.

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Jill Stein at the Green Party National Meeting

A clip of Jill Stein, who ran for Green Party President in the 2012 American election, speaks at the Green Party National Meeting at Iowa City's public library.

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Radio Show before the Car Wreck

July 1, 2012, KXCI's View from Slightly Off Center hosted by David Yerkey. His guests incluced, Doctress Neutopia, Mark Prichard, Jack McDaniel, Tom Mandola.

Please note what Neutopia says about the city building more roads and the car culture. Driving back from the show, Neutopia was hit by a car. 


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Occupy Tucson and the Problem with Violence

Doctress Neutopia reports on Occupy Tucson February 20, 2012 where she witnessed violent behavior that resulted in injury. If Occupy is to be successful, we must not allow violent actions and bullying to destroy our opportunity be a social liberation movement.

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Dancing with a Missile

Tucson Arts Brigade Dance Theater Troop performed at the Alls Souls Procession Nov. 6th, 2011. Doctress Neutopia, one of the dancers, talks about her experience dancing with a mock nuclear misslle. 

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Save Gaia for Generations to Come

Doctress Neutopia creates a vigil to save Japan and the world from the Fukushima nuclear power disaster. Inspired by the Mother Earth Healing Foundation, she gives a summary of the Nuclear Age and then discusses a solution to our energy crisis by building a network of solar powered arcologies and Earth and in Outer Space.

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Green Alliance: More of the Same Manipulation

Doctress Neutopia meets with sells man for Home Tech International, which is part of the Green Alliance. The corporation conducts home evaluations to see if the homeowner qualifies for their solar energy and home efficiency programs. After the Doctress wanted a day to think about the programs, the offer was withdrawn.  With these kinds of businesses controlling solar energy installations, we will never reach the dream of building a solar civilization for all! Listen so that you don’t fall for manipulation! 

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Old Enough to Remember

A poem by Doctress Neutopia about the Japanese nuclear disaster and how it is effecting the world ecology. The poem talks about a dance that Neutopia had been practicing for months about a tsunami that broke pipes and caused a disaster. The Butoh dance was choreographed by teacher Jodi Netzer. We performed the dance for the Tucson Green Chamber of Commerce three hours before the tsunami hit Northern Japan. The dance made me even more aware of the power of art to predict the future. Now it is put for art to put and end to the destructive power that is devastating the world environment with deadly radioactivity. The photo is of Butoh dancer, Jodi Netzer, performing the Tsunami dance the day of the Water Festival.

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Fukushima Water Ritual

On March 30, 2011, Dr. Masaru Emoto, the famous Japanese water researcher, asked us to conduct a water ritual for the water at Fukushima, Japan. The water there has been polluted by radioactive particles from the leaking nuclear power plants and the spent fuel rod pools. At the appointed time, I did my ritual to the water. Please listen to it and join into the prayer!

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Save Japan

Doctress Neutopia's poem Save Japan. 

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Japanese Crisis and the End of the Nuclear Age

Haven't we had enough accidents with nuclear power? Isn't it time to move to a new paradigm of energy? Doctress Neutopia talks about the Japanese nuclear crisis and what it mean for the future. It's time to build a completely new way of dealing with energy and move into the light of the sun!

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The Only True Knowledge

The Only True Knowledge is a poem by Doctress Neutopia.

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Yoga of Architecture Meditation Practice

The Yoga of Architecture is a meditation practice that runs through the subtle energy fields of the seven chakra wheels within the human body. Each wheel represents a different endocrine gland that is connected to a vital organ. As we move from microcosm to macrocosm, the organs in the body correspond with the different functions within an arcology, a holistic ecocity design. Seeing the complexity of an arcology as a fractal or miniaturization of the planetary ecosystem, arcology becomes a living cell within the Cosmos. Unlike our present patriarchal civilization that is spreading out of control like carcinogenic tumors, a planetary networks of arcologies becomes healing nodes protecting wilderness by working as an immunity system. Using Barbara Marx Hubbard's Wheel of Cocreation to build the social architecture within an arcology, we have a way to create a morphic field necessary for its manifestation.

Arcology, a whole-systems design approach to living, is a city in the image of Woman. The Yoga of Architecture gives us topography for constructing both an inner and outer spatial relationships that leads us to the Queendom of Love. It is a pathway to creating a second genesis so that the world soul finally has a universal home. Yoga of Architecture becomes a collective spiritual practice of building a new world. The workship, a word combining work and worship of the divine, puts practice into action. Such activity not only allows us to understand of our common purpose, but to live the spirit of global unity by constructing a new sacred reality.

Please join me in doing the Yoga of Architecture meditation practice. As more and more of us follow the path of building the divine architectural green print in our hearts, we find the external means for our planetary salvation.

Arcology: evolutionary architecture; the fusion of architecture and ecology

Doctress Neutopia is available to give face-to-face Powerpoint slide shows on the Yoga of Architecture. If interested please contact her.

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Festival of Books Interview about Lovolution

Several weeks ago, I attended a wonderful event, the Tucson Festival of Books at the University of Arizona campus. The event is so joyful because it is literary. There were authors talking about a spectrum of topics. There were poetesses, such as Anne Waldman, speaking about the ways of the world. I got to ask Anne a question: do you think women will someday run the world? If so, what form of governance structure will she create? She said we can't know this question until it happens, but that women already rule the world indirectly. Women have gotten into positions of power such as women who are now in the military. Well, I feel strongly that there needs to be a debate about if women solderiers makes a feminist culture arise.

I attended several workshops on self-publishing and print on demand. It inspired me to go ahead and publish my online book, Gaia Religion. It might take me a while though because I got to learn now to do everything myself. And so, the fun begins!

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War is Not a Show: Protest at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

War is Not A Show banner was exhibited during the March 21st, 2010 Aerospace and Arizona Days militairy exhibition and air show at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. Two protesters were arrested, John Heid and Gretchen Neilsen for peacefully hold up a banner beside the Predator drone. Drones which carry Hellfire missiles, have killed 700 Pakistani civilians. I was also banned for life from the base for taking photos of the protest. Listen to my story and the questions I asked military security and the Tucson police.




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Orgone Energy and the F-35

The US Air Force wants to station their new stealth jet at the Tucson International Airport. I, along with may other citizens, object to this decision. Could the F-35's be alien aircraft? Listen to the reason why I think there is a good argument as to why they are.

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Doctress Runs for Board of Directress

Doctress Neutopia runs for Board of Directors at Access Tucson. Listen to my application for running for this office. As an introduction to why free speech is so important, she talks about her experience with the lack of free speech at the Tucson Peace Fair. Why is free speech so rare when it is the essense of democracy? The time to save Access Tucson is now. Join the sit-in at Access Tucson on March 10th. We need to occupy the Broadway studio and broadcast our protest movement live! What fun! Join us!





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People's Initiative to Build Ecopolis


I have been listening to the teleconferences Women on the Edge of Evolution. It was been wonderful to hear other women who are working to change the world. These women have a passion to build a new world based on caring, love, and global justice. One of the women interviewed in the series is Jean Shinoda Bolen. She has started a petition calling for a fifth United Unions conference on Women. It is a great idea and thousands of people have signed her petition. Inspired by her efforts, decided that I, too, could petition the United States Congress to move money out of the US’s inflated military budget into building the new world: a network of solar-powered, zero-carbon ecological cities. We have the technological know-how to build this vision. What we need is the will of the people. So, please listened to this podcast about my petition and if you resonant with it and would like to help build the new world, sign my petition, spread the link, and donate to the cause.

We can be the architectresses of a new social and physical structure. We don’t have to be prisoners in a man-made terrorist, war-fueled world which is killing our precious spirit. We can liberate ourselves by organizing society so that everyone’s need and spiritual aspirations are met through the process of building a whole-systems design, the new ecological urban model! Marianne Williamson said, "The era of data collection is over. We have all read the same books, listened to the same tapes. We all get the concepts. Now we have to turn it into action." It is time, women, that we build the new world!

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Save Public Access TV

Access Tucson, the public access TV station in Tucson, Arizona is in trouble. The government wants to cut its budget to the point that it would have to close its doors. I’ve had a TV show, Lovolution Village for several years at Access Tucson.  It is the only place in Tucson where I can talk about my vision on how to create world peace by building a network of solar-powered arcologies, ecological cities. Since I have been activated to promote these ideas, I have experienced oppression and suppression not only from the mainstream society, but within the alternative community who doesn’t understand the vision of, arcology, as a whole-systems approach to redesigning the way we live, work, eat and move.  Access Tucson allows me to work as an educator about the need for arcology to be seen as a way for a new green economy to emerge. Access Tucson’s programming allows many other voices and shows to be aired that have messages vital to the future of humanity.

We must not allow Access Tucson to close its doors. Government of the people will not let corporate government to take our voices away. Please stand beside me in insisting Access Tucson reopens its doors.  We are involved with a people’s struggle to build a new world founded on global justice.  Access Tucson represents this global struggle on the local level.

This podcast explains how Access Tucson needs to follow its original mission of participatory democracy and use TV to free us from tyranny!

Does anyone out there support these ideas? If so, let me know by being the first to donate to the cause! I will be eternally grateful to you and so will all the invisible forces that want this evolutionary movement to happen.

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Reprogram the Drones

We need a radically new relationship with the machine that allows us to be loving creatures of peace. Presently, we are programming computers to kill. We are beginning to fight wars through robots. This is a terrible concept and a horrible reality for people who are being hurt and killed through US military drones. This podcast will explain more about the problem of killing machines. Speakers include peace activist John Heid and journalist Dahr Jamail. Sound healers Senera and Darrell Hicks begin the show.




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Genius Bar

I hope you enjoy my poem about why we need to stop the Drones and the global missile matrix that is taking over this world. Please pass on this poem on to all you know.



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The Health Care Crisis and Lovolution

President Obama says that we can't afford to start the health care system over from scratch. I think differently. The old civilization's medical system doesn't work for all people. The only way we will achieve social justice, and hence a healthy civilization, is when everyone can get health care in all its various forms whenever they need it. In this podcast, you will hear experts talk at a conference in Phoenix, Arizona about the health care crisis. I humbly offer my commentary on why it is time to start over from scratch. Hippocrates, he father of medicine, said, "Extreme remedies are very appropriate for extreme diseases." In the United States, our current health care system has an extreme illness of not providing health care to all. If we follow the wisdom of Hippocrates, it is clear that we need an extreme remedy to cure the problem. Single-payer health care could very well lead us to a place where good health and health care providers, not disease and insurance corporations rule the health care system in America. Such a change in policy is not reform, but Lovolution, a world wide shift in consciousness that recognizes the needs of all.

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Doctress Neutopia on the Expanding Empire: thoughts on Peter Smith and Dahr Jamail

Greetings from Doctress Neutopia. Welcome to my first podcast on the Fourth of July 2009. This show has taken me years to complete because of technological challenges and personal blockages that have taken place. But here it is for better or for worse! Uploading it on the 4th of July is meaningful to me because this is a place where I can find my voice. My task is to inspire you to the noble action of working towards building the ecocity of love, peace, and social justice. So, let's begin the hera's journey now. In this episode we will listen to two speakers, journalist Dahr Jamail who has reported on the war in Iraq and chief research scientist for the 2008 Phoenix Mars Mission, Peter Smith. In my commentary I will make the connection between the two men by looking at the goals of the American Empire.

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